The Divine Impact Summit (DIS) is the flagship programme of The Shepherd’s Flock International (TSF) which holds annually to mark the anniversary of the commission. Over the last 17 years, DIS has played host to guest ministers of no mean repute both in home and abroad. They include Rev. George Adegboye, Rev. Phillip Igbini-Jesu, Pst. Nathaniel Bassey, Bukky Bekkis, to name a few.
Divine impartation is a disruptive experience which changes the life of a person or lives of a people. It heralds a new beginning, a paradigm shift which God Himself orchestrates. Divine impartation during the Bible days were few and far between irrespective of God’s willingness to ceaselessly bring it about. One could conveniently number those who experienced it, and they appear to be isolated. Jacob experienced it. In a nation of thousands of people, once in a year, only one person who was lucky to get into the pool of Bethesda first would experience it. The design of God however is widespread experience of His power, hence open heaven. DIS is the platform chosen by God to reintroduce His power to cause disruption is systems, new beginning in lives. Instead of isolated experiences, impartation can now be multiple, corporate, communal, individual and otherwise. This is why DIS is for you and your family and everything you represent. The touch of heaven is real but you have to understand how to take advantage of it. DIS offers you how. Join us therefore at the DIS2022, the 18th edition to experience the raw and concentrated power of God, the dynamics of corporate anointing as divinity interfaces with divinity again.


Divine Impact Summit 2022 will be a combination of all the wonderful memories of the past 18 years, rejoicing in God’s richest blessings now, and looking forward to a great ...
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Rev. Paul Jinadu was born a Muslim in Lagos, Nigeria, before travelling to the United Kingdom as a teenager to continue his secondary education. He met the Lord during his ...
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EFE NATHAN is a prolific Singer, Music Minister and Director, one of the widely celebrated female Gospel artistes in Nigeria for her captivating songs and stage presence. Also known to many ...
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